Tuesday, August 2, 2011


If someone had asked me to define my identity six months ago, I could have easily done so:  wife, mom, worshiper...with a few other secondary labels sprinkled in.  I knew the path that lay before me and I was very happy to stay on it.  While it took most of my twenties to discover this, I knew who I was, and who I was not.

What I’ve learned in this last six months is that God always has more for us than we will ever know.  It’s unwise to base our future on our past experiences.  The past shapes who we are in the present, but doesn’t determine our future.  So much in fact, that many stories in the Bible depict God changing the names of His followers;  Abram to Abraham, Saul to Paul, Simon to Peter, etc. He realized that their identities were wrapped up in their names and this would change the way they saw themselves.  Case and point, imagine you have a different name...It changes the way you think of yourself, doesn’t it?

Jeremiah 18:6 says “...As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand.”  I want to continue to be molded by my Maker – to not just see my identity through my own abilities and experiences, but to see myself the way He sees me.   I will not always hold the positions I do now, but I always want my heart’s cry to be, “Here I am – send me, use me, change me, mold me!” 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Leading with Confidence

I once heard an academy award winning actress say, "50% of acting is confidence...".  I've come back to that quote many times in my life.

We are often given leadership roles based on our skill set, or at very least, the willingness to fill the position.   I was given the role of Worship Director at C3 Church Atlanta, in part, because I can play piano, sing and I love to worship.  These skills come naturally to me and I've been developing them since the age of 13 (although my mom would say since the age of 2).  But, those skills alone don't make me a leader.

Several years ago, being one of the newer worship leaders in our church, people would come up to me after I would lead and say "Great job!"  For a while, this was how I measured my "performance" as a worship leader .  I remember clearly one night God saying,  "You may not always receive accolades, but I am always pleased when you lead others into my presence."  That changed everything.

Psalm 57:7 says "My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!"  This doesn't just apply if you're a worship leader, we're all called to glorify God through what we do for Him.  It's dangerous to base our success on others' approval because, frankly, we can't please everyone!  We must place our confidence in the One who gave us life and opens doors for us.

Remember that no one can manufacture confidence for you.  If your leader has given you a position based on your skills or willingness, you should honor them by leading confidently.  You may not always make the right decisions, but great leaders would always rather correct a little along the way than be in a constant state of frustration because you won't move forward.

Always ask God for wisdom and guidance.  If we're listening for His voice, He will help us navigate through difficult situations.  Be open to correction when it comes (and it will).  Place your confidence in Him and honor Him by believing that He can do great things in and through you.

My humble beginnings :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Value of Worship

Worship services are not rock concerts, nor are they the entertaining bit before the message.  Sadly, without realizing, people can tune out or miss the first few of minutes of a service because they don't feel they will miss much.

The challenge is to train your congregation to understand and value worship.  Worship services are not a 4 song set then on to the next thing, it's an opportunity for God to fill us as we exalt him in our lives.  This is a challenge worth pursuing.  I've been in many meetings where God began to move so much that we just ended up staying in worship for the whole service.  People can sometimes feel uncomfortable or get tired and want the service to move on, but the bible says "wait on the Lord and He will renew your strength" ~ Isaiah 40:31.  I'm not suggesting that we get rid of messages in our services; scripture and teaching bring revelation that people need in order to live fuller lives.  I am suggesting that we train and challenge our congregations to go deeper in their intimacy with God through worship.  Quality over quantity.

Worship opens people's hearts to receive more out of your services.  It softens us and opens our eyes and ears to heaven's perspective.  Worship cultivates good soil in us, so that God can plant seeds of revelation that will flourish.  Worship moves God back into his rightful position in the center of our lives.  God created us to worship Him and this is what our future in heaven will consist of!  Teach your churches to value worship on a deeper level and watch their lives transform because of His presence!