Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Arch

Recently in prayer I got a vision of an arch or a wave, which made me think of the ups and downs we face. Our lives feel a little like a hill workout sometimes. We curse the times where we look at the road ahead and see nothing but incline. But what I've come to realize is those are the moments where we have the chance to strengthen ourselves. While running with my coach we started up a decent sized hill and she yelled out "This is making us stronger!" It's no different in other aspects of our life. Can you imagine how boring life would be if it was always flat, if we never allowed ourselves to face a challenge? If we never started out strong and then huffed and puffed up the last third of our mountain... But at the top of the mountain the sense of near defeat, yet overcoming accomplishment fills us! One more climb under our belt, one more climb to remind us the next time we face a giant. Those mountains are God's way of taking us to a new level.

Last month I went running in FL and had a real revelation of what living life in a flat environment would feel like, both physically and spiritually. I longed for a hill to tackle and realized on that run that life's hills should be looked at as opportunities not inconveniences.

When faced with the other side of the mountain, you know, the downhill glide, remember to enjoy it but keep your eyes ahead for that next climb. Cherish the recovery, take the deep breaths all the while reminding yourself of what you just accomplished. Don't get comfortable coasting but as my Pastor, Jill Sweetman said "Get comfortable with uncomfortable." It's the hills that make you stronger and enable you to take on more!

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