Friday, December 3, 2010

Art for Sale?

A friend of mine recently wrote an article about her journey as a personal trainer. This woman’s goal as a personal trainer is to develop her clients’ discipline to the point that they won’t need her anymore. Curious, isn’t it? Why would someone who is so passionate about her livelihood be so insistent on convincing her income providers they don’t need her?! Here are a few thoughts regarding her strange behavior ;)

“...It’s better to give than to receive” ~ Acts 20:35
It’s a Godly principle, and a sign of maturity to give something and truly want nothing in return. When we give out of the overflow of our hearts we show others that we live in abundance and that makes us compelling. When we’re needy, scared, desperate, we repel those we need the most. My friend believes that if she continues to develop and release her clients she’ll get more referrals resulting in more business, and I agree.

Do what you love first...
Before I became the worship pastor at C3 Church Atlanta I was a volunteer for years. Many days of my week were spent giving of my time and talent with no expectations of compensation. Serving this way wasn’t work to me, it was pure joy! I encourage young people in our church to do what they love now, and learn to do it so well that eventually they will be paid to do it. My friend began by giving by her services away. She would probably be surprised if she added up how many of her clients have insisted on paying her because she’s that crucial to their success.

“You can’t assign monetary value to art...” ~ Seth Godin
Now let’s be realistic, we all need money, but if our goal in life is to be rich, we’re REALLY missing it. Before I came on staff, I would occasionally be asked if my goal was to be paid. My answer was always, adamantly, NO. My involvement in our church was my gift, my art, my contribution. I felt that being reimbursed for it would take some of the joy from it. I felt that it would cripple my creativity and vision. It took (and some days still takes) some adjusting, but I feel incredibly blessed to be receiving compensation for something I know God called me to do. When we do what we love it’s not a “punch-in, punch-out” job. It’s a part of us, it’s our passion! While I love the benefit of a paycheck, I never want that to be my motivator.

Walt Whitman said “The gift is to the giver, and comes back to him.” Remember, it’s not reciprocity that rewards us, it’s giving that brings us joy.

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