Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fuel is in the "Yes"

Last year I heard my Pastor Jill Sweetman speak this over someone:  "The fuel is in the YES." It has stuck with me ever since. After hearing a great message from my friend Caitlin Henry, I was inspired to write this...

When my husband Kevin and I first moved to Georgia from FL my capacity was that of a 5 year old.  We started attending C3 and instantly had a close knit group of people welcome us in to their family.  We had 5 invitations a week for lunch after church and dinner invitations 3 out of 5 week nights.  For a home body who was used to the slow and easy this was quite an adjustment to make.

My first several years here were challenging.  There was always an opportunity for me to serve or socialize, but I didn't see it as opportunity.  I saw it as something that would take me away from my home time, aka, my agenda.  After a while I realized I was missing out some amazing things because of my decision to say no.  I started seeing that the "yes" people were moving forward and I was not.

I slowly began to work the word yes into my vocabulary and after a couple of years doors started opening...flash forward...

In the spring of 2009 we helped plant the Asheville, NC church.  Our Sunday mornings would start at 6AM.  We'd do a sound check and 2 services in Lawrenceville, pack up our gear and our 3 year old, grab lunch and embark on a 3 hour tour, sorry, drive ;).  We would arrive in just enough time to help set up the PA, do a sound check and start the meeting.  Later, we'd tear down, grab dinner with the locals and drive home, arriving around 1AM.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

I truly believe one of the biggest reasons I'm doing what I am today is because of my choice to say yes.

Is it always easy? NO.

Is it comfortable? 33.3% of the time.   

Do I feel I'm in the center of God's will?  Absolutely!

Now, a word to those of you who tend to say yes to everything...

There are very few things I say no to now.  When in doubt I consult my husband, my pastor, or closest friend (depending on the situation) who will all give me true insight, not just tell me what I want to hear.  Not too long ago I was asked to speak at a conference in another state, which I was very excited about.  I asked my pastor how he felt about it and he gently suggested that I needed to choose my "extras" wisely.  I heard him loud and clear.  After thinking it through I realized this wouldn't be the family weekend getaway I was hoping for.  It would have been a work weekend with little or no down time.  We would have returned exhausted-just in time for the next work week!

Let your default be yes. But if you tend to over-commit, seek wise council in managing those commitments. God loves movement.  He loves it when we step out into something we're not quite sure we can handle.   It gives Him the opportunity to show us what He can do through us.